Past Articles in Opinion

  1. The Line: The 7 Best Club Roster Announcements of 2024

    Artistic? Wacky? Wild? Creative? A tad nonsensical? All this and more in our reporter's seven favorite roster announcements of the 2024 club season

  2. Mailbag: UFA Championship Odds, Savannah Bananas, Too Much Ultimate?

    Q: What are the current odds for winning the UFA Championship this year?

  3. Clubhouse Chatter: Rampant International Recruiting Is Good, Actually

    An opinion on the global reach of Boston Brute Squad. Plus, a brief glimpse at notable early season results.

  4. The Line: Appreciating 7 Incredible Plays by the Cárdenas Sisters

    A look back at a pair who have set fire to the world stage and are poised to do so again this summer.

  5. Under the Tent [June 18, 2024]

    In our new coaching column, top coaches offer advice for reader-submitted questions. For the second edition, they tackle starting strong from the first warm-up and tying together your outcome goals and pursuit of them.

  6. College Championships 2024: Best, Worst, and Most Interesting Jerseys

    We already know who played the best, but who looked the best?

  7. D-I College Championships 2024: Madison Madness

    Why the D-I college division is in the best place it’s ever been

  8. D-I College Championships 2024: Chat Is This Real? The Best Day of College Ultimate Ever

    After a wild day chock-full of universe point games and upsets, we only have one question to ask: chat, is this real?

  9. The Conundrum of Greatness – Immortality in a Time of Darkside

    Darkside's dynasty has robbed the college men's division of the ephemeral nature that makes it so special. Could one of its other stars rise up this year and wrest greatness - and immortality - from UNC's grasp?

  10. The Line: Seven Must-See-TV Stars at Nationals (Women’s Division)

    A starting line up of must-watch players for anyone tuning into Nationals.

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